Senlis, France

One of the oldest towns in France, Senlis is the house of several museums. Ancient walls and Medieval towers are a testimony of its historical importance .


Parga, Greece

Venetian possession, Parga came under Turkish rule in 1452 for two years. Conquered by French in 1797, in 1815 it is under the British protection for two years, before the Sublime Porte gains control of the area. From 1913 it is part of Greece.

Burg Güssing, Austria

Burg Güssing by G.Pfi
Burg Güssing, a photo by G.Pfi on Flickr.

In 1241-1142, during the Mongol invasion of Europe, Burg Güssing was one of the few Hungarian castles that resisted. Restored in 1957 and in 1982-2000 period, the castle regains its Medieval splendor.